Modelverse - Information Risk

Modern cloud architecture 

The Modelverse data is stored in Microsoft Dataverse (PaaS) which is based on Azure SQL Server.  All data is accessible through PowerBI.

The Modelverse applications are developed as a Powerapp with browser-based and tablet interfaces, and integration of functionality in Teams.

We are convinced that our choice for the Microsoft Power Platform puts us in a very good position regarding our ability to extend the functionality of our Modelverse solutions, and to provide a robust, scalable and secure environment to store and process your business data.

Security expertise built-in

​The Modelverse - Information Risks solution is a cyber security solution.  It has a data model that correctly describes the entities and relationships that play a role in cyber security.  So the solution is not just a general risk solution, or a compliance solution (although both these dimensions are covered).

The solution contains libraries of security content for many entities.  This includes libraries of risks, threats, of Capability Maturity frameworks, of Policies, Controls, Technical Security Solutions, etc.  These libraries are based on a deep understanding of what it takes to manage cyber risks, and focus on practicality and effectiveness, rather than just process. 

sample screens from the solution