Tackle your cyber security risks with Modelverse

Modelverse - Information Risk
is a SaaS solution
for managing all aspects of cyber security risks and compliance.

Modelverse enables
organizations to manage their own cyber risks,
advisory organisations to assess the cyber risks of their clients, 
auditors to establish the level of control of their clients, and
insurers and investors to assess the security posture of their clients and targets.

Modern Architecture

Modelverse is based on the Microsoft Azure and Power Platform architecture.  Therefore, Modelverse is very easy to integrate with your M365 environment, benefits from the continuous large scale Microsoft investment, and provides a secure way to store and manage your risk data at any scale.

While product, market and financials take center stage in Due Diligence, often IT, cyber security, and compliance are neglected, or glossed over. The quality of due diligence is paramount for investments in start-ups and scale-ups and in merger and acquisition decisions.

Research shows that ineffective due diligence results in leaving up to 8% of the transaction value on the table.

ValueTracks provides proprietary Due Diligence services covering IT, security, and compliance, leaving you well informed on upside potential and down-side risk during your negotiations.

These services are scalable to the investment and exposure risks at hand, and therefore a cost-effective means to protect your investment and insurance portfolios.

Security Expertise 

Cyber security is a specialist topic.  To help you effectively manage the related risks, our solution effectively models cyber risks and security capabilities, and is filled with libraries of templates vetted by our security experts.  This enables you to go beyond a compliance-only approach, which might overlook prevalent cyber threats and leave your organization vulnerable.

As a start-up or scale-up organization you are experiencing lots of ups-and-downs with operation processes like Product development, market response, resourcing, and funding demanding your 24/7 attention.

Though you are concerned about a potential loss of your differentiating IP or about damaging production outages, getting help with these challenges is difficult, as big IT suppliers target mostly large clients, and smaller IT suppliers often lack the overview and the skills to meet your growing demands.

ValueTracks has translated the rich features of modern enterprise IT into plug-and-play blueprint solutions for smaller and rapidly growing organizations.

ValueTracks blueprint solutions will help you to avoid IT growing pains, as well as cyber incidents or compliance failures that will negatively impact your progress in the marketplace.

Client case

ValueTracks is proud to present a Modelverse client case which has been broadcasted on November 20th and 26th,2022 in "Op de Zaak" on the Dutch business channel RTL-Z.

LeydenJar protects IP with help of Modelverse

Filmed at the new Ultra-Plus building in Leiden, CEO Christian Rood of the Dutch scale-up LeydenJar explains their challenges with protecting their deep technical IP and the support they receive from the Modelverse partner ValueTracks.

The team  

The four partners of Modelverse bring a wealth of experience from international enterprises and are excited to capture their knowledge in the Modelverse Information Risk solution.

Team HSD